Storytelling Articles and Compilations

In-depth material about storytelling: articles by Tim Sheppard, and compilations of discussions by many experienced storytellers.


Celtic Bards - and the way of the harp. An interview with Robin Williamson, the famous storyteller and musician.

The 36 Dramatic Situations. You know people always say there are only so many plots in stories? Here is Georges Polti's list.

Converting Literary to Oral Stories. What are the differences, and how can a storyteller adapt such a story for telling?


Overcoming Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright - the art of becoming a storyteller. A huge compilation packed full of practical tips.

Contracts for Storytellers. Professional storytellers discuss simple ways of using contracts, and give sample contracts.

Learning Stories. (New!) A long discussion by storytellers on how they learn stories, full of practical tips.

Storytelling Groups. (New!) Advice on storytelling guilds and storytelling circles - a long discussion on how to organize them and get people active.


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