Tim Sheppard

I've done a great many things, enjoyed most of it, and little of it, if any, has been conventional. I wrote and published my own comic, trained in circus arts and performed around Europe as an acrobat and juggler, taught English as a foreign language, apprenticed to a miniature book binder, played African and Latin percussion, performed Shakespeare, taught improvisation and storytelling - you know, all those usual things. I've also studied everything that caught my imagination, researched in psychology, and discovered the secret of eternal youth. I'm a thinker, an optimist and mischievous as Puck. I have a fiery enthusiasm and a gentle nature. I'm happy.

Storyteller and teacher of storytelling

I have run my popular courses in storytelling and expressive skills since 1990, a course I developed out of my wide range of experience of eminent teachers of performance. I founded, perform with, and direct Wordweavers, an innovative storytelling group incorporating improvised physical theatre.

I maintain primary resources on the internet for storytelling, and have written by invitation various features for national storytelling magazines in the USA and Britain.


My training began with Circus Theatre and Physical Theatre at Fooltime Circus School, Bristol, including the skills of storytelling, improvisation, the Fool, mime, mask and much else. Fooltime was at the vanguard of a new movement and attracted world-class teachers, and pupils from right around the world. It taught the use of narrrative and explored the inner nature of the performer at profound levels. It eventually mutated into Circo-Media, which continues today with unrivalled reputation.

I have explored the core skills of narrative, of relating and communication, ever since, both with eminent teachers of performance and of storytelling, and through my own work and teaching. I have discovered many developments and applications, in pursuit of the essential nature of being human.

Some of my teachers from Fooltime and elsewhere: Franki Anderson, Bim Mason, Jonathan Kay, John Lee, Guy Dartnell, Agatha Balek, Olly Crick, Philippe Gaulier, The Mastery (of Self expression) intensive, Abbi Patrix, John Wright.

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