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Wild Times


with Tim Sheppard

How Wild Times courses can benefit you


Self-confidence. Overcome inhibitions - talking to groups, expressing emotion, behaving differently. Think creatively, solve problems, develop imaginative flexibility. Enjoy yourself freely without guilt or embarrassment. Develop a light-hearted, fun-loving attitude that can make life go more smoothly, positively.


Harness imagination; the dynamics of authority - keep attention, have presence. Create a thirst for your words. Understand the real potential of oracy and help learning to happen without effort. The attitudes and activities that inspire everyone to enjoy cooperating and creating.


Develop more sensitivity and rapport in relating to clients; be creative and flexible in responding and with solutions; develop a positive light-heartedness that inspires, motivates, and helps yourself/patients to avoid stress.


Gain an experiential and intimate understanding of narrative structure, of how to stimulate and put your imagination to work, of how to bring an exuberant flow and a deeply natural voice to your work.

Business People

Experience and learn how to engage with others with self-confidence, for mutual benefit. Gain a compelling presentation style, keep attention, have presence, and use narrative structure to inspire and persuade. Unlock your creative thinking and flexibility, for real benefits in work satisfaction and problem-solving. Experience the most powerful principles of leadership in action, and the dynamics of authority.

Presenters/Lecturers/Actors/Performers/Media Professionals

Techniques and courage to create intimate atmospheres, participation, or powerful truthful expression. Connect with your audience, performing for, not at, them. Understanding of narrative structure and dramatic psychology that gives mastery over timing and delivery style. Flexibly cope with and incorporate the unexpected, thus reducing anxiety. A refreshing stretch for dormant or neglected areas of talent and creativity. Professionals have praised and re-taken this course.


Remember how to play; share your kids' creativity and draw it out; discover a never-ending supply of captivating stories and the ability to engage.


Expand your breadth and depth of expression, learn participation games; how to relax and enjoy telling, even when stuck; how to establish audience rapport and maintain interest.


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