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with Tim Sheppard

Give your friends a gift, and earn yourself a discount!

Give me the contact details for as many friends, colleagues etc. who might like to have a Wild Time, and if they're new to me I'll send them information and a 5 gift voucher against any course, in your name. For each of them that actually enrols, you'll get a 5 voucher too, towards taking or retaking any course. Just phone, email or send me their names, and phone number/email/address.

Why not come on a course with a friend, earning both of you a £5 discount each? Book your places here.

Participants often return to repeat the courses, sometimes several times - there is always more to be gained and the games are always fresh, which is why I'm sure you'll have use for the 5 voucher even if you've done courses with me before. In addition, there are occasional intermediate courses, and personal coaching.