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Wild Times for Groups and Organisations

I can create a customised Wild Time workshop and run it in-house or off-site for your group or organisation. There are many applications it can be focused towards. It is very quick and effective at dissolving barriers and bringing a team together, creating trust and communication, and giving tools and techniques for co-operative creative thinking. But those are just the initial benefits - depending on the focus, you can build individual and group self-confidence, practice skills of powerful presentation, harness the structure of story for effective leadership, make information memorable and meaningful, discover how to inspire and motivate, draw people into a focused collaborative creativity, and much more.

Wild Times activities are very energising, enjoyable and non-intimidating to do, and leave people enthusiastic to apply their experiences in their work and social lives. A wide variety of groups have seen the benefits - from medical doctors to natural history documentary film-makers.

Email Tim to discuss what a Wild Time could do for you.