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Wild Times


with Tim Sheppard

Why you need a Wild Time!

Story is everywhere. It is how we structure our thoughts, how we communicate our experiences, how we make sense and meaning out of life, ourselves, relationships... Storytelling can be a powerful entertainment for adults, but the subtle skills needed are fundamental to so much more: living life!

There are times when you need to express your own ideas more effectively, to be both more open and imaginative, to relate easily, to be more self-confident, to adapt flexibly to the unexpected. Well it's not as difficult as you think! And storytelling itself has many uses: a story well told can elaborate a point of view, entertain adult friends or a child, motivate someone to learn or resolve a conflict and much more.

The skills of storytelling and improvisation are very effective in developing your innate resources, and all without gettting serious about it! Using powerful and hilarious improvisation exercises and discussion to provide practice for the skills of imagination: spontaneity, rapport, originality and humour, we will explore how to make you and your words come alive! This is the very essence of relating to others. Participants can easily adapt their experiences to their own needs. So far therapists, business-people, teachers, performers, GPs, storytellers, parents, actors, TV presenters and a wide variety of others have benefited from the course; you don't need to aim to tell stories as entertainment - our normal conversation and communication is full of stories and meaning that we all aim to put across.

For over ten years I have found that all participants have been surprised and delighted at how rich their imaginations already are, and how much fun and laughter they have had on the course. This fun and spontaneity spills over to improve the quality of everyday life too. Many participants have said that it is the best and most playful course they've ever attended, and has made a real difference to their lives.

The flavour of the course is very informal and fun, and builds up your abilities and confidence. This course is designed to take you through a sequence of discoveries: of personal skills, of techniques, and of what makes a story. We will not be simply telling whole stories. Instead we will play games that deal with narrative in specific ways, that focus on certain elements. Storytelling is a subtle and complex process, and we will take time to explore some of the subtleties that contribute to the success of a story. Then, having experienced what makes a story work, we can begin to incorporate those qualities, techniques etc. into presenting a whole story, anecdote, speech or whatever. You need absolutely no previous experience of any kind. Many people come purely for the wild time!

The games that we play on this course are designed to give you new opportunities, letting you discover all kinds of creativity and expressiveness beyond that which you have already found, but without effort or embarrassment. Thus you can see that you can get real practical benefits for your everyday life: socially, professionally or artistically. But we will be playing all the time, not working hard. The only struggling is when trying to catch your breath from laughing too much. Have you forgotten how to play? Come along!

Come to a course or Wild Weekend in THE SKILLS OF STORYTELLING AND IMPROVISATION and you will: Laugh a great deal. Feel inspired. Do things you have never done before, and enjoy it. Leave each evening with your head buzzing, but peace in your heart. Be stretched and challenged. Discover your boundless imagination. Discover how to captivate people and inspire them. Begin to take a light-hearted freedom into your everyday life...And much more besides.

What others have said about the course:

..."It's become part of my consciousness to a surprising degree. It's made an impact on the way I live."

... "I feel much happier about dealing with situations 'on the fly'"

... "Excellent for interpersonal skills and understanding body language."

... "Excellent leadership - the structure allows you to absorb skills and information almost by osmosis!"

... "It's given me increased confidence."

... "I used to be petrified in school plays. Since starting the course I began to realise that I enjoy performing."

Email or ring Tim Sheppard - (0117) 977 6354 - to book your place. If you know someone else who may enjoy this course, do pass this information on, or email me their details and automatically give them and yourself a discount. If you can't come yet, but may in the future, let me know now anyway, and I'll keep you informed of future dates.

The evening courses run for ten sessions, normally from every September and January. The Wild Weekends run several times a year.


Please book your place as soon as possible - these courses are often fully booked some time in advance.